Horsemanship & Riding

From the very start of a participant’s time at Heavenly Horses, they are responsible for the care of the animals and facility.  Every participant starts by learning how to groom, the nutritional needs of the horses in our herd, how to perform well-checks, how to tack up their horse, and the importance of connecting and bonding with the horse they are working with.

As the participant starts to show proficiency in these skills, we invite them into a more in-depth program that includes riding and even showing in the future.  They will also have the opportunity to learn Horse Hippology.  This is the study of the horse.  It introduces students to the science of horses including behavior, anatomy, nutrition, fitness, reproduction, and even how to judge horses at horse shows and for breed standards. 

An opportunity to learn all aspects of horse care, as well as caring for other animals.  Our animal husbandry program builds skills that will carry participants throughout their lives.  In this program, participants can experience and connect with these beautiful animals on a much deeper level. 

The beauty of both programs is while participants are learning how to care for horses and any other animals at our farm, they are also learning how to take better care of themselves, how to connect with other living beings, respect for themselves and others, and countless other incredible life skills.

Pricing is $400 per month with discounts available to lower-income families and individuals. For those families pricing is as follows:

Tier A. Extremely low income: $50/month

Tier B. Very low income: $75 per month

​Tier C. Low income: $100 per month

​Tier D. Moderate income: $200 per month 

Families who are not paying out of pocket (through school vending services and other such sponsors) will not qualify to pay the reduced to fees above. The typical price through homeschool vendor services is $300 per month, still well below market price. ​

These programs are available to children and adults. Space is very limited. Please email [email protected] to learn more or join our program or get on the waiting list!

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